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This picture was drawn, under the influence of the Holy Spirit, depicting the tree of life (creation), the Wine & Bread of the ‘Last Supper’ and the lifting of Christ high within the lives of His believers, revealing Christ’s Blood and Love for the World.

The picture of the Communion of the Bread and the Wine. In the centre of the picture is the cross in the Heart of Christ. Jesus is being lifted up by the two people in worship. To the left of the picture is a tree and its roots spread out to the bearer of the Good News and two roots go to the Grapes and Bread which represent the Blood of Jesus and His Body.

The Tree has an abundance of fruit and leaves. God's Holy Spirit is moving and He is sending forth the Gospel among His people so that they may grow. In the middle of the picture, above the Heart, the seed and Fruit are coming together. His Word has been sown and His Word has grown.

The Grapes and Leaves represent the Vine. God's Vine reaches out to the Tree to become one. From the Vine, Wine is made and goes into a Vessel and is poured into God's Goblet so that we may share together His Communion and be reminded of His Death on the Cross. From the Wine we eat of the Bread which reminds us that His Body was broken for us and is shared among us in Faith coming back to worship Him together as a Family of Christ.