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Dance in Worship

Worship outside Westminster Chapel

Dance in Worship

Worship outside Westminster Chapel

ArtServe Award 2019 - for 16 years in ministry

Dance in Worship Is held on the first Saturday of each month, except for January & August, between 10am- 12 noon at the Hounslow United Reformed Church (West London). Telephone 0208 744 5005 for more details.

Dance to Christian praise music

Express love for Jesus though Christian dance. No need to be very fit. Children over 12 years of age must be with an parent.

First Saturday of each month (No meetings in January & August).

United Reformed Church, Chapel Road, Hounslow, Middlesex, West London, TW3 1TT.
Hounslow Central tube station is 10 minutes’ walk.

10am to noon

For more information Email: or
Telephone: Madeleine and Colin Windsor on: 0208 744 5005. Mobile 07980 524443 (only on the dance days)
JC Ministries Website:

Please click the 'play' button below, or at the bottom of this page, to listen to the Premier Christian Radio broadcast interview about 'Dance In Worship’.

The ‘Dance in Worship’ is to lift up Christ in our lives, through dance. The 'Dance in Worship' group has an aim to encourage ‘dance in worship’ within our churches and also to take out dance into the streets and community.

The ‘Dance’ team has been interviewed by Premier Christian Radio on several occasions and have also presented a ‘Dance in Worship’ seminar at the Christian Resource Exhibition, organised by the Bible Society at Esher.

The ‘Dance’ team has taken the ‘Millennium Prayer Dance’ as far as Stornoway in the Outer Hebrides, Methodist Westminister Central Hall as part of the Share Jesus International ‘Pentecostal Festival’ and a Primitive Methodist Church in Harrow. The 'Millennium Prayer Dance' was filmed at Christ Church, Feltham, West London, at an 'annual celebration' where many people from local churches were present and evangelist Rev Rob Frost, founder of Share Jesus International, was asked to share a message.

The 'Millennium Prayer Dance' was part of the production 'Hopes & Dreams' written by Rob Frost. Rob Frost was a presenter on Premier Christian Radio. The ‘team’ also danced at the ‘Marilyn Baker Concert’ at the Salvation Army Regent Hall in Oxford Street, as part of the ‘Pentecost Festival’

Christian Resource Exhibition, Esher, May 2014 - ‘Dance in Worship Seminar’

"I’m so glad that the ‘Dance in Worship’ seminar was held at the Christian Resources Exhibition.

It was explained to us that we were dancing to express our love for Jesus - not to impress other people & that everyone will dance in a different way, as the Holy Spirit leads them.

We danced to beautiful Christian praise & worship music, which included Graham Kendrick & Marilyn Baker. It was well-attended & there was spontaneous after some of these songs. People joined in and danced ‘free-style’ or could just sit & watch – but most of them danced.

One lady said to me afterwards that, “It was fantastic!”, I hope there will be other Dance in Worship seminars at the CRE & at other Christian events, so that people can see what a good way to worship, Christian dance is and how joyful it is!"

Blessings, Ann (Wills) team member of the Dance in Worship.

Hello Madeleine & Colin (Ruislip mid-week Church meeting in May 2016)
I held a Christian movement and dance afternoon at a Women’s fellowship group in a local Baptist Church. I gave a short talk on the joy of Christian dance, and then handed out colourful pom-pom shakers to the mainly older members there. We danced and moved to the lovely songs of singer-songwriter Marilyn Baker, which have very encouraging Christian words. She’s probably best known for her song “Jesus, You are Changing Me.” Pom-pom shakers are easy and light to use, as they have a handle but no stick – and so are safe if there’s a lack of space or a low ceiling. The Fellowship group said they enjoyed the afternoon. All you need is a room, some joyful Christian songs on a CD and pom-poms or ribbon shakers!
Blessings, Ann.

Dance in Worship at Christ Church Feltham west London with evangelist Rob Frost of 'Share Jesus International'.

The 'Millennium Prayer Dance' was filmed at a party that took place within a church hall in February 2005. Marilyn Baker, singer & songwriter, provided the music throughout the afternoon and there was a Christian clown, singing, dancing, food. This event was principally an outreach for non-Christians. Please contact us if you would like a copy.